Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What India needs is a strong Prime Minister, strong enough to withstand the pressure exerted by other countries to toe their line. The Prime Minister’s prime concern should be our Nation and nothing else. Of course the PM is a party man but he should have the sense to realize when interest of his party going against the interest of the nation and should have the courage to implement what is good for the country and should rise above petty party politics. Once the PM he should not act as a humble servant of the political party or the party supremo. His loyalty is to the nation, to the people and not to the party chief who elevated him to that position. A political party is naturally choosing the most able and eligible and competent person available in that party to become the PM. If he is such a towering personality and deserves to be in that post why should he has that much obligation and loyalty to the party?

Even in the case of leading a coalition government of different political parties, the PM if so strong can successfully convince all the parties and the public his stand is for the national and not against it. PM should have the basic knowledge of our country and should be well aware of the millions of our brethren struggling for a square meal a day. He should be one from among us, who follows the rich cultural heritage of our nation and who can feel the pulse of India. Study in foreign universities or plum jobs there may make them think on the lines thaose nations look at us.

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  1. Such a personality like Indira Gandhi never exists, and she only had guts to send Army to Golden Temple, split Bangladesh, even Nehru was influenced by Edwina, etc.

    Even though we may say Man Mohan Singh is weak, in a coalition govt he is best man, what do you want PM should do? Delcare war with Pakistan, sorry none can do that, they are an atomic power and irresponsible , suppose they drop an atom bomb in Delhi, how can you say strong required , even USA is afraid of that. Cant you understand?

    Do you think MOdi a daring person? He is also a coward, he succeeded because Guj people are very communal and Muslim is very poor there

    We are a democratic nation not lke Pakistan. We have our limitations, and you think our mighty army air force such great powers, no? in an event of urgency we see them fail , look at Kargil it was a small infiltration in our own land, how many days it required to make a strategy?
    Dont be a fool and over proud man, our forces and chiefs now does not have a war experience, all veterans of 1970 war are gone and retired. We fail even before LTTE, isnt it a truth?