Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Congratulations on becoming member of Union Cabinet and assumption as Minister of State for External Affairs. Being a citizen of Thiruvananthapuram, I am happy that our representative has become a Central minister.From your speeches and talks it appears that you have ideas and want to do something for Thiruvananthapuram and Kerala. Your words seem to come from your heart and reflect a sense of sincerity and we feel you are different from the career politicians who fill us with hollow promises.

It is to be understood that the situation in Kerala is peculiar and unique. The mindset of people in power here is not conducive to actual development of the state. Be it ruling party or opposition (they comfortably switch over the position every five years thanks to the common man who does not have any alternative), they are not willing to address the real issues, instead passing time making hue and cry over silly things. Their action is superfluous.An excellent example is the High Court bench. All the political parties in Kerala, ruling party of the State and ruling party of Centre, want the HC bench in Thiruvananthapuram and fighting for it but it is not materializing for the last 2 years. Each one is blaming others but not prepared to ascertain the exact reasons and find a solution and the HC bench is still elusive.Vizhinjam Port, nobody knows whether it will materialize at all. Railway development is crawling at snails pace. All are crying for more trains forgetting that trains need track to run and Kerala does not have double lines even in half of its total lines. Kuttanad and Idukki packages if executed properly will be a boon for the agricultural sector in Kerala. But it is not taken up in the right perspective.

Kerala is a consumer state depending others for everything. Is it not an irony that State Public sector factories manufacturing the much needed items like soap, detergents, medicines, clothes etc. remain closed here? All these prove beyond doubt that even if Centre extends all help and financial assistance development will not take place unless the Authorities possess a positive approach and show a will.

Here comes the role of the opposition party. Presently and all these years no opposition parties have conceived any plan of action for the development of the state. They are not seriously thinking about their responsibility as an opposition but remain inactive criticizing the Government. May be they are afraid that the credit will be cornered by the ruling party.

What we need is an efficient opposition party putting constructive and creative suggestions and working hard for getting them executed. Even if the ruling party is averse to development the opposition can force them to do.From the past experience it appears that most of our representatives do not have any vision or action plan. Those who possess some ideas do not get any chance to present it in proper forum. Lack of proper orientation is the root cause.

All the MPs should find out the problems and issues pertaining to their respective constituencies and present it before State party forum with possible solutions and suggestion for overall development of their constituencies and the State. The party forum after proper discussion among them will consolidate it and submit definite proposals to the concerned ministries in Centre through the MPs and they doing the follow-up. Actual developmental activities can be done only through this way.
It is felt that since you are close to the High Command in Delhi you can use your good offices to make the expectations of Keralites turn into reality. Our state is rich and full of resources. My only concern is its development which could be done easily with the help of people like you having positive mindset.
SENT ON 4th JUNE 2009

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  1. Your letter well expressed the concern of a keralite towards the development of our state.You have well criticized the cat and mouse game played by the politicians.But i fear this brings any drastic change in the political scenario.Though the triumphant face of Shashi Tharoor brings hope to the minds of a thousand,his desire and determination for a better homeland is yet to be proved.Every year we are promised many "promises" by our dear leaders and they remain as mere promises.The solution to this political jigsaw puzzle is yet to be worked out.We can hope (as that is the only way)for a positive response.