Saturday, August 1, 2009

Self Financing Colleges

Union Minister Kapil Sibal seems to be really serious in clansing the education system in India. He asked UGC to direct all deemed universities to file all the details about them. Let us wait for the mystery about the deemed universities unravel.

Kerala education minister can do the same thing in Kerala. We have a lot of Self Financing Colleges and nobody knows how many. Some have agreed to abide by the Government admission policy and some are on their own.Neither the Govenrment nor the university exercise any control over them. Some claim protection as mnority institution and some as deemed univsersities. Same Faculty may not be qualified and sometimes the qualified ones may be shown as teacher many colleges simultaneously.

All these SFCs should be asked to have websites showing infrastructure availability, assets,funds and resources and information regarding admission criteria and process of admission,fee structure, faculty position,nature of appointment,faculty's names and photographs,visiting faculty and all needed for a student to know. Like UGC proposes to do the University website should have a link to the web sites of all the colleges to facilitate the students for easy reach. After deemed universitite Mr. Sibal will turn this side, why cant we do it today?

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