Saturday, August 1, 2009

Insult to Former President

Honesty is viewed as weakness today. Our former President, Shri APJ Abdulkalam was insulted by a foreign airliner at our airport. How the foreigners dare do it in our own soil? They got the courage knowing well that our politicians are opportunists devoid of pride, integrity and honour. And also knew that if it is US they will even kneel down.

The incident took place on 21st April and the authorities hushed it up for 3 months till the lid was blown up by some patriots when they took up it in Parliament. Why no action was taken immediately and kept it a secret?

The men in charge of Presidents security and his protocol personnel were responsible for this shame. They should have informed the airlines well in advance the journey of Dr. Kalam and his status as VVIP and sorted out all the problems. Secondly once the airlines insisted for physical check they should have immediately informed the Bureau of Civil Aviation or any authority and should not have allowed our former President to undergo this humiliating experience. And another important question. Why was he arranged in foreign airlines rather than in our national carrier Air India? Now the airlines have apologized, stating in the same breath they have not done anything wrong but only their duty. Will their apology wash away the national disgrace?

Dr. Kalam, being a thorough gentleman did not care much but it was our duty to guard the honor of former President and thereby our nation. Our earlier gentlemen presidents, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Radhakrishnan did not have to face such ordeals as the values were not denigrated then. We dont need honest Presidents but shrewd ones who can hold the Bills and bargain for good living and security after retirement.

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