Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The visuals of the narco-analysis in the TVs show all the three accused admitting to have committed the murder of Sr. Abhaya. Their statement reveals that one of them opened door for the other two to enter the convent and Sr. Abhaya has seen two of the accused in a comprosing position and so they hit her on the head and thrown her in the well.

Let us go back little. The Indian Express has brought out a news that the test results have been manipulated and corrected at the Public Health Laboratory Trivandrum. The test was smear test and vaginal swab testof Sr. Abhaya to ascertain any sexual assault. The news created a commotion and paved the way for re-emergence of the forgotten murder case.
What was the relevance of the test at the Public Health Lab? What was its bearing on the case? If the result was positive it meant that something happened before she was put in the well. Any mention about any such act was not in the Narco CDs shown in the TVs? There was allegation that the CDs were doctored. The legal adviser of the Church was also strongly arguing in the TV that the CDs have been manipulated. Whether the act for which tests were conducted was the part missing?

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