Thursday, January 20, 2011


Accidents are not happened, they are caused. Latest example is the tragic incident at Sabarimala that killed more than hundred pilgrims who have come for ‘darshan’ of Lord Ayyappa. They were the victims of callousness of the authorities. Poor crowd control mechanism and inept handling of emergency situation resulted into these deaths.

Crowding is not a new phenomenon as the number of devotees visiting the shrine is swelling every season and is known to everybody. Worsening of situation from Pamba to Sannidhanam was coming in the news every day with even the allegation that local police is keeping the well trained commandos at arm’s length. Pulmedu route is popular for years used by thousands, but nothing was done for a smooth travel.

Sabarimala is a milching cow for the authorities. The pilgrims are fleeced in every manner possible. We are eying only their pockets without caring to give them any facility and security. From the day one of the season we are counting the collection and declaring the booty. 1 core, 2 crore, 3 crore... and nothing else concerns us.

 Forget the 102 poor souls killed. Let us wait for the  devotees coming in the next seaons who will fill our coffer with crores of rupees  for us to  spend and enjoy.

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