Thursday, January 20, 2011


Judiciary seems to be the only hope for the ordinary citizens, the allegations made by Shanthi Bhusahan and the confessions of the Apex Court itself that values have eroded in the judiciary notwithstanding. It is the judiciary that asked to bring out truth in the custodial deaths at Thiruvananthapuram and Palakkad, the infamous Sister Abhaya case, asked to question Santiago Martin & Kennedy, asked why soft pedalling in the CWG scam and in 2-G spectrum case, asked why Raja is not questioned and why the tainted official was made CVC.

It is the judiciary which declared that “our republic cannot bear the stain of killing its own children" in Azad’s killing.

Supreme Court asked why the names of the Indians who have stashed money in foreign banks are not declared and asked "what is the privilege you are claiming". The truth has to come out ultimately. Another ray of hope is that Wiki Leaks’ founder Arranges who got hold of the whole list. Let us wait and see who will spill the beans first and see who are the guys who have looted India trillions of dollars.

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