Sunday, February 20, 2011


V.M. Sudheeran said it. At least one politician is honest enough to support the truth that BOT method on road development will serve only the interests of the politicians and their henchmen. V.M. Sudheeran warned that the corruption in the National Highway development on BOT basis will surpass the 'so far largest' 1,76000 crore 2-G spectrum scam. (Another 200,000 crore S-band ISRO scam has come up). Patriots all along have been saying that the roads can very well be developed without BOT and BOT is only for looting the people. All political parties have unanimously and gladly accepted the width of NH as 45 metres and still the road will be same 4 lanes as in 30 metres. What is then the additional 15 metres for? Very simple. This area will be acquired and will be the property of the BOT contractors.

Now V.M. Sudheeran has come out boldly against the BOT and more politicians will follow suit.  The elections are on the doorstep and BOT should be made an important issue now. If we fail now  even our next generation will have to pay toll.

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  1. are u sure 15m are for the contractors?? i think 45m can include wider lanes and most importantly, service roads which is quite essential for highways in kerala. the existing 30m lane starting from cherthala doesnt include service roads.