Thursday, July 14, 2011


A.K. Antony’s announcement that he will not be part to any corrupt practice need not be doubted considering his honest past. But Minister’s inaction and inability to act will definitely pave way for graft.
 Each foreign arms manufacturer appoints an Indian middle man, possibly some retired high officials of Defence services or Ministry who can influence political decision-making. It is the practice going on for years.What is to be done by the Minister is to stop interference of these middle men.
 Most important, there is no comparable price for arms, for each is unique in its way.Or they add some frills for cheating. Whether Typhoon or Rafael  suits our requirement is to be decided on merit considering its qualty and price by an expert committee without outside influence. It should not be decided by the margin the deal  proposes or the pressure the rulers of the manufacturing country exerts. The ghost of Bofors is still haunting us.

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