Friday, July 8, 2011

self financing muddle

'What LDF could not do in 5 years cannot be done by UDF in 45 days’ is a silly and ridiculous statement by a senior leader. What one understands from this irresponsible stand is that “if LDF dilly-dallies can UDF be far behind?”

Self financing colleges issue is not a new one but was burning like a volcano from the day Antony Government has given unconditional NOCs 8 years ago.  Present situation of UDF not having any formula to solve it shows that as opposition they have either ignored it for last 5 years or thought of choosing the easy way of continuing with LDF policy or were never confident of coming to power again.

What the people expect from any responsible opposition is to work out solutions to each of the problems of the people and present it before the Government and remain ready to implement it when comes into power. But alas, opposition is always concerned about criticizing government without having any viable alternative suggestions in their arsenal.

Had they some solutions at hand the poor students did not have to suffer like this.

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