Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chief Minister & Mullaperiyar

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s declaration of joint control of the new dam in Kerala with Tamil Nadu and Centre was betraying the people of Kerala.

Realizing the folly the CM has corrected himself saying that dam will be built, maintained and controlled by Kerala alone and regulating the water from the dam will be under a joint control. (He is not advised properly now a day, it seems. Not to loose in the battle of showing concern about people, everybody keeps uttering some thing or other about Mullaperiyar.) But while talking about an issue so sensitive everybody should be more careful, especially a Chief Minister.

Joint control is also totally unnecessary and unwarranted. Kerala is ready to give water to them and an agreement is enough. See how we still honour the outdated British era agreement and providing them water.

Another point is surrendering whole water to them. It is also unnecessary. We need water to generate electricity and to keep alive the river downstream. This is the right opportunity and we should act judiciously.

The present turmoil and Tamil-Malayali fight is because of the unwise decision of a former  CM, Achutha Menon in 1970.  CM, allow not history to repeat itself.

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