Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Italian Job

Additional Solicitor General of the Government of India representing the Centre told the Supreme Court of India that Kerala Police has no right to register case against the Italian marines of Enrica Lexi for killing two Kerala fishermen.

It was made to understand all along that the actions of Kerala had the clear mandate of the Centre and as such it is a hard blow to Kerala Government. As usual the Ministers came out with explanations that it is the personal views of the ASG and not of the Centre. Centre has also distanced away from it.

Is it possible for a ASG, appointed by the Government to  fight their cases to take a stand contrary to that of the Government and detrimental to their interest? Is it not like taking money from Government and arguing for the opponent? Is it not breach of faith and violation of code of conduct? 

Such an arrogance cannot not be tolerated. ASG shall be  fired forthwith and a fresh affidavit  filed before the Supreme Court. 

And all this done on the poor fishermen who were shot dead cold blooded in the sea while venturing into sea in a small boat to catch some fish for livelihood

The Supreme was magnanimous and shown sympathy towards those fishermen and their family termed the stand of the Government counsel as "unfortunate" and reminded the counsel that " two Indian fishermen were killed".

Presenting personal views before the Court as  against the interest of the Government by the counsels on the pay rolls of the Government is common today. In Kerala High Court also in the Palmolein case it appeared such thing happened. It becomes serious as with the public money, the money hard earned by the citizens of India these counsels are enjoying and cheating the Government and the people.

Is it not a fit case to be taken before the Bar Council of India?

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