Thursday, April 28, 2011


The corrupt have come together openly against the civil society members in the Lok Pal Bill Committee. The moment Anna Hazare started the fast unto death against corruption, the corrupt people went in panic and now they are hurling baseless allegations against the members to create confusion among the people. They are scared of the unity and determination shown by the Indian people and the support given to Anna Hazare.

These guys are front men of a larger powerful group of people who are fully immersed in corruption and have amassed gigantic proportions of wealth looting our society. Fear psychosis has gripped them that once the Bill is made an Act and implemented properly they will be well behind the bars.

The only way to combat these men is for all Indians to come together and start counter attacks. Expose them through the media, dig their past and do all other non-violent methods to strip them and show the world their true colors. Like S. Gurumurthy who is continuing the tirade through his articles in Indian Express and other journals.

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