Thursday, April 28, 2011


 People of Kerala have come together to fight for banning endosulfan.

Some political leaders have alienated themselves from the fight against the deadly poisonous pesticide accusing others of politicising the issue. Actually they are the ones who are politicising it. Has Sainaba, the poor girl with gigantic head and small body, got any politics, or Kavitha, Vishnu or the thousands of mentally and physically retarded who have died or still suffering in Kasargod are members of any political party?
Every one in Kerala knows well that as result of the use of endosulfan the people in Kasargod are still suffering. The poison is there in the air, water and soil in Kasargod and the future generations also will suffer from it. The pictures and reports have been coming regularly in the print and visual media. Even after knowing well the after effects of endosulfan why these politicians turn away from the sufferings of the people?

The are scared that somebody else will take the credit in case of the success of the struggle.Is it such a trivial thing to thot like that?Are they concerned with the vote of the people for coming into power?

These guys should understand that If endosulfan is banned it will be the victory of the people.


  1. Dear
    Has India banned Endosulphan because
    of Kerala Harthal?

    Even PDP or Jama ath islami can make a successful harthal in Kerala, just somebody should be there to say 'Tomorrow is Harthal', all Kerala will queue before beverages outlets and chicken shops and self declare holiday for themselves.

    If such is the case for a government supported harthal everyone will join,they have nothing to loose, even a CL.

    Loosers are those unfortunate people coming to Kerala after suffering 2 3 days long train journey unable to reach their houses, loosers are the people who get some heart attack or unforeseen delivery or some accident, there is no vehicle to carry them, even if they reach hospital there is nobody to lookafter them.

    No other state has such a passion for hartals.

  2. This is only a paid and sponsored campaign by some rival company that manufactures costlier pesticides. Shame on all that are taken in by it!
    The people of Kerala are being taken for a media ride again, as with the Manchium, goat farms swindles, and the false rosy publicity about the Smart City and other cities.
    Disaster happened in Kasargode only because the Plantation Corporation owned by the government, kept on spraying the pesticide indiscriminately from the sky from helicopters, for decades together. Why they did so is clear; they acted at the behest of the helicopter leasers. This is/was an act of biological warfare by the State against its own citizens. PEOPLE WILL SUFFER IF IT IS MERE TALCUM POWDER THAT YOU SPRAY DOWN DAY IN DAY OUT FROM THE SKIES; NOT TO SPEAK OF PESTICIDES.
    The pesticide is produced mostly by the public sector HIL and not by any private company alone. Some private interests are trying to dislodge this PSU from the field. For once, Pawar is being fair!
    The media, politicians and the paid intellectuals are all acting under vicious influence. That the power to ban a pesticide is within the State government's jurisdiction from 2006, is very pertinent; and calls the lie on the LDF.
    As with all paid campaigns in Kerala, eg: the Self financing college stirs, the LDF is on top. Successive LDF governments have created the Kasargode tragedy because they promoted aerial spraying the most.

  3. We need an Erin Brokovich here. These greedy corporates and their main executives need to be severely penalised - the corporate with a hefty fine totalling at least 50% of their net worth and their executives with 5-10 year jail sentences. Only then will justice be done

  4. CPM backed Government gave green signal for Endosulfan usage with out doing proper study of it's consequences to human health.This shows a strong polluted commercial link between CPM and Endosulfan's corporates.