Monday, November 21, 2011


RP Pandey, CBI Special judge in a land mark judgment put Sukh Ram in jail forthwith observing that "he had already reaped the dividend of long process of law and is enjoying freedom which will strengthen the belief that one can earn money by corrupt means and enjoy it by spending some portion of it."

Sukh Ram though convited in two cases was out on bail.

It is the right way of thinking for the judges considering the long drawn legal battles lasting for many years. The corrupt people amass money and hire top class legal manipulators to bail them out through the loopholes of law at the expense of truth. Judiciary is the only hope of people and these traitors should not be allowed to move around freely.

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  1. so what purpose Lokpal will serve, if one is going to be punished after 17 years! If the judiciary is strong and trials are faster, i think the existing laws are more than adequate to punish the guilty. Anna should rather fight for a stronger judiciary