Sunday, October 14, 2012


Kentucky Fried Chicken Outlet in Thriuvananthapuram served a  chicken piece with worms wriggling!

Who said it is old and stale?

Chicken is so fresh that the worms eaten by the chicken are not even digested.

Indians are so crazy about the American junk food and they serve Indians fried worms.

Pepsi & Coca Cola refuse to disclose the ingredients. Yet Indians relish it.

Shame on Indians.


  1. 17The trendsetting culture set by KFC, McDonalds, SubWay and a host of other fast food giants tend to make our younger generation prone to a bunch of health problems including that arsing from Obesity. Creating a general awareness might help to some extent, but I feel that this junk-food culture will definitely gain momentum in the days to come.

  2. We should lead the fight against the junk food.