Thursday, December 27, 2012


People who have conscience and consideration for fellow beings have thronged the courtyard of Rashtrapathi Bhavan, the abode of Supreme Power of India to protest against the heinous crime of gang rape in Delhi and to open the cataract ridden eyes of the authorities. Youths, mostly students and girls in large numbers have assembled voluntarily without any call from the lip-servicing politicians, braving the chilly winds and 8 degree C temperature, water jets, lathis and teargas shells of the police and it shows the awakening of the young generation for a rule devoid of insincere and corrupt politicians.

Records show 715 rape cases this year  in Kerala and no youth came out in protest in Kerala which boasts of 100% literacy. Is it not a shame for us?

Here the youths and students are tied to the  political parties surrendering their brain and thinking power and wagging their tails at their masters.  It is time for them to resurrect and react against injustice and social menace without fear.

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