Saturday, July 3, 2010


The very thought of harthal makes nausea. But there is another harthal imposed on Kerala on 5th July. Second in row in a weeks’ time. Both for the same reason- Petrol price hike. Success of harthal depends on 3 factors-Official sponsorship, Political patronage and third Publicity by media. A local harthal called for Thiruvananthapuram district on 1st July was a flop as none of these factors helped them and life was absolutely normal that day.

We cannot expect such luck in the next harthal on 5th July as all these three factors are very much active already. So it is now for the people to act and resist harthals. First thing is to change our mindset of celebrating harthals. Avoid thronging at the wineshops and chicken shops on harthal eve for distress purchase of wine and meat. Let there be no advance preparation for harthal. Let it be like any other day. If possible reach workplace. If the harthal supporters are so adamant in preventing you in reaching office,declare the next holiday as a wroking day and work to compensate the lost harthal day. Let the shops open immediately at the closing of harthal. Let us request media not to give wide publicity to harthal. Talk everywhere against harthal and create awareness among people about the evils of harthal and how it destroys our country.Things will definitely change in the near future.

A Name for Harthal

Harthals are quite frequent that one forgets when it was held and what for it was done. So let us start naming it like the latest trend in cyclones. First cyclone this year  was 'Laila' named by Pakistan  and second 'Phet' named by Myanmar. Similarly let this harthal be “PETROL 15/10” (15 denotes the number of harthal and 10 year 2010) and from next harthal onwards chance to be given to each party in rotation to suggest names.


  1. Though tons of words have been written about the evergreen phenomenon-Harthal,it's a brand new concept:-"Nomenclature of Harthals".But I think in the present scenario where anyone can call a harthal on any issue any number of times,this interesting concept may help us to identify the different varieties of harthal..."Hope this may be a platform for the political parties to exhibit their talents in conducting a wide variety of harthals!!!!!!!"

  2. I think its time when we should consider the menace posed by HARTALS seriously. The politicians consider the Hartals as a medium to display their strength. But, we should ponder over the fact that how Hartals have rendered enormous loss to the public and the Nation. Indeed the Nomenclature of Hartals is a new concept-yet another way to secure the politicians and launch more Hartals!!!!!

  3. Thanks GURU & ANISH
    all are concerned about the country.

  4. Nomenclature of hartal is indeed a novel idea. Hopefully the politicians would not run out of names eventually or else they'll have to add suffixes like Part II, III, so on and so forth. Hartals have turn out to be merely the stage for muscle power and money display. Most of these hartals, nevertheless, hardly achieve or serve the purpose for which they are thrust upon common man.Its high time this hooliganism came to an end.