Tuesday, July 27, 2010


  Sabarimala is the abode of 'Lord Ayyappa' visited by millions, and overcrowded during 'Mandala-Makaravilakku' season. Widening of the 'pathinettampadi'(18 holy steps) and 'sreekovil' door is not the soulution. If that is the case, it will be more easy that 'Lord Ayyappa' is kept in the open atop a tall pedastal and steps constructed all around so that thousands can get darshan in one minute!

  Pilgrims visit there knowing well the difficulties to reach the sanctum-sanctorum and they like to have 'darshan' of 'Bhagavan' in the present set-up. Reformists may call it foolish or meaningless but one should remember that the whole thing moves around the 'belief' that 'Lord Ayyappa' is there at Sabarimala and hence the devotees have every right to stick to the old rituals and the narrow '18 steps' and sreekovil door.

   Using Sabarimala as a means to make money by the Deveswaom Board and its officials and politicians is the basic reason for the inhuman conditions prevailing there. The motto of the Devaswom is to make money and inroder to achieve it they exploit and fleece the innocent devotees. Once they think about the devotees and forget the share of the loot and implement the following welfare measures the whole situation will change.

1. Allow entry only through Pathinettampadi.

2. Stop the 'darshan' given by Thanthri and Melshanthi.

3.Supply free food to all and remove all kinds of shops/stalls from Pamba,on trekking path and  at Sannidhanam.

4.Swami Ayyappan road to be developed for exclusive return journey.

5.Dismantle the aravana and appam plant from Sannidhanam and install at Nilackal and supply aravana at Nilackal and Pamba only.

6.Stop padipooja of devotees.

7.Develop Nilackal as the base camp.

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