Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Milma is introducing milk vending machines in the line of ATM. You swipe a card and there comes out milk pouches. Milk was sold in the conventional glass bottles earlier and with the advent of Milma, plastic pouches came into existence in the name of convenience. Over the years the empty milk pouches invaded every inch of Kerala posing a threat to the ecology.

Now Milma is coming out with vending machines they can do away with these pouches to a great extend and restrict the plastic menace if some changes are made in their idea. Machines dispensing milk directly the customers’ containers can be installed. This method was successfully run by Mother Dairy years back in Delhi, by dispensing half litre chilled milk for a token. As these machines are to be kept in flat complexes and residential complexes, carrying own containers will not be inconvenient for the consumers, like going to the milkman’s house with utensils to collect milk in the olden days. Milma can also think of dispensing milk in old type reusable glass bottles through the machines. Now Milma is spending money in a large way to introduce ATM machines it is time for them to think of these two methods.

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  1. Having 'Milk Vending Machines' is a very innovative way of milk distribution. Though already implemented in metro-cities, this method, if extended, can reduce the plastic use to a considerable extent. But, installing such machines all over Kerala and ensuring their healthy operation is a time-consuming task..
    Will all these innovations pump-up the price of milk again !!!!??? The Minister's thought of having Milk n Egg instead of cereal is still a "Dream come True" for many Keralites!!!