Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Soccer fans the world over had sumptuous feast for the last one month with 32 teams and 64 intensely played matches. The curtain came down on the World Cup on Sunday night with Spain winning the coveted World Cup. Football- a real entertaining game, fast and thrilling, loved by almost all. And Shakira was so enchanting and captivating still haunting with her Waka Waka.

World cup fever caught Kerala also. Not the ordinary fever but the fierce variety. Made people delirious. They put huge flex boards and banners of Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Germany teams and big cut-outs of Messy and others. Made mock world cup matches with celebrities kicking off. People were mad after world cup. Media did their part by sending reporters all over Kerala to get live coverage of football celebrations giving maximum propaganda.

Don’t blame media. Publicity is their bread. But what about the hysteria people have shown? India was nowhere near the doorstep of the world cup. Pathetically failed to cross even the round 1 qualifying match! What difference it would have made for us if Brazil won the cup in the place of Spain or if Holland won? Nothing. Is it not like crying for USA or China to win gold in the Olympics? So the frenzy we saw in Kerala was nothing but hypocrisy and an act of escapism.

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