Friday, September 2, 2011


Millions of people downstream Mullaperiyar spending sleepless nights had a glitter of hope of a new dam as the mammoth work of previous government was heading to success .Everything seem going topsy -turvy with the Supreme Court Committee criticising strongly Kerala Government for not submitting the report of action proposed on the old dam. Discussions were held earlier of dismantling the old dam but it is quite surprising how we failed to file report.

 It is question of life and death of lakhs of people of  4 districts of Kerala which will washed away completely in case of the worst happening. Let the Government take serious view of it.


  1. Seeing condition of Japan drinking water project and its implementation by Mr.Premachandran and the road condition right now will make us think that the old dam constructed in British era will be far far better than the proposed one

    Dont create panic yaar, its a panic created by meida only . none has any fear , cheruthoni and Idukki are constructed in emergency period and it will withstand any pressure.

  2. Isnt it a fact that divers of the Indian Navy did a survey and had reported large cracks underwater? Why did TN government object to that survey if it had nothing to hide?