Friday, July 5, 2013

CBI-caged parrot

Central Government has filed affidavit before the Supreme Court listing measures to insulate the CBI from "external influence and intrusion". It is rather a cover-up. Just to fool the Court  which pressurised the Government to release the "caged parrot"  CBI from Government control. The affidavit says only in high-profile corruption cases administration and superintendence is vested with Central Vigilance Commission and in all other cases it will be with the Central Government.

This is a clever ploy circumvent the Supreme Court direction and to keep control of the CBI.

Most of the cases taken over by CBI are important. The cases involving inter-state issues,like fake currency,stamp paper etc., cases which the State Government has bungled  for their convenience,  cases handed over by High Courts etc. are to be treated at par with 'high-profile corruption cases'. Sister Abhaya murder, Sampath murder,Suryanelli,Malabar Cement are some of Kerala cases involving politicians,religious leaders,IPS officers which cannot be left to the Government to bungle. 

The strictures of the Court against CBI officers are proof. Recently the Kerala High court admonished the investigating officer in Sampath case. In Malabar Cement case also same happened.In Sr. Abhaya case investigating team was changed. CBI is receiving flak from all courts.This shows CBI is not free from Government interference. 

So Government should not be allowed to keep control of CBI in other cases.There should be a mechanism to supervise such important cases. 

Officials of some Departments are sitting ducks for CBI to book case. These case are made to compensate their frustration in big cases involving highly influential people. So  fabricating cases on false evidences putting ordinary officials is possible as can be seen from deliberate delay making the trial running for  a minimum of 10 years and conviction nil. This can be also be brought under that mechanism.

Financial powers of CBI Director is not given clearly except mentioning DG, CRPF. This seems to be intentional. This should be spelt out clearly to shrug off government control. 

No time frame is indicated in the affidavit for implementing the reforms.  A time frame should be given for the same for which Delhi  Special Police Establishment Act,1946,which governs CBI is to be amended.

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