Saturday, May 21, 2011


The new Chief Minister of Kerala repeatedly asserts that all communities will have representation in his new ministry. It seems a Herculean task of finding out  congress ministers, maintaining communal balance, as 4 Muslims and 4 Christians are already there from his constituent parties and himself making the total 9. Two more are in the list and if approved will make it 11 from minority communities in the 20 member ministry. He may do the trick with the remaining 7 congress seats to appease the majority Hindu community.

But as responsible citizens of the secular India what we expect is a group of able, honest and clean administrators as our ministers and not balanced communalism.

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  1. But the problem is that minority community are over protective about their members and within 1 year Hindus will start feeling that this government does every favour to Christian and Muslims are we are not getting anything.

    Moreover all business community and wealthy people belong to minority community in Kerala. Its basic reason why LDF is coming back to power after each UDF rule.

    Many communities of HIndu are not adequately represented now , esply Nadars, Pulaya, Kurava etc.