Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The United States entered Pakistan and killed the dreaded terrorist Bin Laden. That is the United States. 9/11 made him their number one enemy and US had the determination and pursued it with vengeance for 10 years and executed him sending its forces down the capital city of Pakistan. India has Parliament attack and Mumbai attack similar to US’ 9/11. Afsal Guru who attacked our Parliament and sentenced to death is  enjoying our hospitality for the last 7 years. Kasab the Pak terrorist who attacked Mumbai is waiting for his death sentence to get executed. 
Even US senators accuse Pak of breeding terrorism and demanded financial embargo and other stern actions. It is time for India to leave its soft mumblings and to start a tirade against Pakistan using all in their arsenal-- diplomatic channels, media blitzkrieg, strong statements etc.  exposing Pak’s terrorist face and garnering support of the whole world to isolate Pak and to put an end to terrorism.

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  1. If India uses the arsanal as said,they will use their full potential to give full support to their trained terrorist to intrude the Indian territory for a similar attack of 9/11`