Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The heat and dust generated by the gruesome incident of rape of Delhi girl will settle down slowly and the authorities will go back on their assurances knowing well that public memory is short. Ire of the people may topple the hopes of the present regimes in Delhi and Centre to return to power but the possibility of the alternate Government also behaving similarly persists as the attitudes of all politicians are same and their stakes are high for whom rape and crimes against women are silly things and most like to indulge in it. One rape accused, son of a DGP is nowhere to be seen for the last 7 years.  Not one but 7 rapists sentenced to death were pardoned and saved from gallows by our former Prez  Smt. Patil, obviously on the advice of Union Home Ministry, which is ironically  in charge of the police and law and order of Delhi.

Stringent laws and extreme punishment are of course needed but it alone will not deter the criminals. When the whole Delhi was on the streets day and night protesting the rape another rape took place in another Delhi transport bus. Prevention is better than cure. So strict vigil and prompt preventive action is needed. Every police station should have a team comprising 5 specially trained police personnel, 2 of them women, under a sub-inspector exclusively to deal with crimes against women. Most of the victims dare not inform police for the mere fear of the harassment at the police station and the adverse publicity. The special team should take care of all these things.

At district level the team headed by a Superintendent should help and supervise the investigation and the overall supervision and filing of FIR, follow-up and other legal matters shall be done by an ADGP with independent charge reporting to a committee comprising of Home minister, Chief Minister and leader of opposition, DGP, Home Secretary etc. and report and the decision taken at the Committee should be recorded with opinion of each. This will prevent accused escaping with political influence.

Regular patrol especially at nights to be done at busy places, bus stations, railway stations, malls, markets to make police presence felt, to create a feeling of security among the women and  fear among the prospective rapists.

All should be accountable to their acts of omission and should be held responsible and should be punished under the new law (new Law should contain it).

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