Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Chief Minister of Kerala has inaugurated a small fountain in front of a building at Technopark Thiruvananthapuram, by pedaling the static cycle that produce  energy for it to work,  an initiative of  an IT company, Allianz Cornhill. 

It's all gimmicks as the same company  an  year back  contributed some cycles for travelling  inside the Park, at a function and the same Chief Minister inaugurated it. It was a scene to  watch in the second inauguration day some poor workers, at their masters' orders, frantically searching for those cycles all around the Park area  and bringing some of the rusted ones left unused in different parts to exhibit at the venue of the "fountain" function! If the company was really serious they could have installed  such cycles inside their buildings for their employees to have a 15 minute work-out daily which would have generated  energy at least to light their offices and at the same time removed the fat and fatigue of the guys destined to stare at the computers all the day.

A publicity stunt for Allianz and a comic relief for Chief Minister.

Power is scarce and its use in Technopark is enormous. Hundreds of air conditioners working round the clock to cool  40 million plus Cu. ft. area and thousands of electric bulbs  floodlighting entire area, elevators moving up and down continuously Plus thousands of computers working non-stop, one can guess how much heavy the power consumption in Technopark.  The mindset of the employees is of lavish spending and not of conserving. Companies and Technopark authorities adopt the same attitude.( Global recession has not changed them much, except cut in salary). 

Technopark has 7 own buildings and equal number of private buildings of Infosis, TCS,UST, Leela etc., all large, high rise, having altogether a  roof area of many lakhs of sq. ft.  If solar panels are put all over the roof, sizable portion of their power requirement could be met. More buildings are coming up in SEZ and outside. See the innovative idea of Gujarath CM Narendra Modi of installing solar panels over 19000 km. long Narmada canals. 2 birds in one shot, power generation and prevention of water evaporation. Taking a cue, the Park authorities as well as Kerala Government can think of exploiting the  sunlight keep falling on their roof top all the day, to produce energy.

Another area of urgent action is implementation of measures for rain water harvesting. Kazhakkoottam area is facing acute shortage of water.More buildings and flat complexes are coming up and the ground water level is fast depleting. Rains elude us.The park authorities are charging reasonably high rent  from the companies and as such liable and responsible for introducing solar energy and rain harvesting. Companies, most are billion dollar business establishments, also should care for nature and their environment and should invest some part of their profit. Lot of nature loving people are there among the employees. They can unite and work for survival of universe. 

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