Thursday, June 27, 2013

Muslim Marriage Act, 1957

A State in the SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA  issuing a circular on the basis of an Act which never existed? Yes. Kerala Government under Chief Minister Oommen Chandy did it. Quoting a fictitious Muslim Marriage Act, 1957 the Government has issued a circular for lowering the age of Muslim girls for marriage to 16 and asking all local self government bodies to implement it and legalise the under 16 marriages.

The name Muslim Marriage Act, 1957 was quoted to give an authenticity to the circular and to create an impression that it is an Act passed by the Parliament of India. 

Is it not a criminal offence? Law secretary C P Ramaraja Prema Prasad who is to vet the draft circular sent to him  and LSG principal secretary, James Varghese who has issued it are not ordinary clerks to be so casual but IAS officers having years of administrative service heading two important Departments in the Kerala Government. How can be they so callous? They should not be absolved from the responsibility of issuing such a fraudulent circular.

Now it is said that there is no such Act prevalent in India but the circular was based on Act in  Jamaica. That makes the thing worse. A State in the Republic of India adopts the Act of another country?

It is obviously with the deliberate intention of misguiding people at the behest of some ministers and a thorough enquiry to be done and the guilty punished.

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