Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gandhi Jayanthi

Today October 2. Gandhi Jayanthi. 144th birth day of the great man, Mahathma Gandhi, father of our Nation. The man who believed in  Truth and Non-violence and simplicity and practiced what he preached.

The day the Nation got independence, Gandhiji asked his followers to wind up  Indian National Congress, a nationalist movement started to bring together people to fight for independence. But our politicians, greedy, selfish and opportunists ignored him and used  Indian National Congress label to rule India in the charisma of that name.

Splits in the party was natural as power politics started and Indira Gandhi using her father's name and family background split the party getting  the major chunk of it and ruled India.  Today many splinter groups bearing the name Congress exist.

It is good that just days before  Gandhi Jayanthi this year,  two national politicians, one from the same Indian National Congress, Members of our law making Apex body, the Parliament were convicted for corruption and are behind bars.  It may not be a solace for that great man Gandhi, as corruption is massive and rampant all over the nation  but is pointer towards the changes occurring

It is  irony that on the same day, October 2, the birth day of Gandhi, the Union Government led by the Indian National Congress forced to withdraw an ordinance brought by them to facilitate criminals and corrupt to remain as Peoples representatives and also to contest  elections and rule the people of India. Congress was not withdrawing it  happily but compelled to save the situation and satisfy the crown prince Rahul Gandhi.

The situation lead to withdrawal  is hilarious. All Congress Ministers decide and brings in an Ordinance to circumvent  the Supreme Court Order of disqualification of convicted MPs & MLAs and prohibit them from contesting elections just to save their corrupt colleagues. The Prime Minister, having no political background but surviving only because of   his obliging nature goes on a foreign tour. The Congress spokes man, Ajay Makken addresses a press conference supporting the ordinance. Dramatically Rahul Gandhi enters and says that the "Ordinance is a nonsense and it should be torn up and thrown away.".  Suddenly the  sycophant Congress men went the opinion of Rahul and praised the Lord ( Rahul).

And Rahul Gandhi not done it deliberately or for eliminating corruption, but only some of his political maneuvering to gain advantage. 

Anyhow the Ordinance is not coming and corrupt will be out from Government.


  1. Bipin, the man who believed in Non violence and truth is also responsible for the death of One million innocent people and the displacement of 17 million people during the post partition exodus.

  2. Bipin, it is the history India conveniently ignores.