Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dr. Alfeen A. Varghese

About a doctor.The article was in a Malayalam weekly.  A Keralite studied in Bangalore. After MBBS the young girl went to Kachva a remote village in Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh to serve the poor. She served the village people. After marriage went back to another  village hospital along with her doctor  husband. A Christian hospital in Sonbhadra village in UP. They thought their MBBS was not enough and took MD. Returned to Sonbhadra village hospital. She got GP approval in UK. But still UK did not fascinated her.She moved to Australia. Started a hospital in rural area in Australia, Daintree Medical Centre. Providing medical treatment at a low cost."The practice is based on the principle that good quality health care should be accessible to all".

This shows the commitment of the doctor  in helping the poor.What if all doctors are like them? Most are bewitched by money, power and love for lavish life. 

There may be many such dedicated and selfless Indian doctors in various parts of the world. Our conditions in India is no better. The medical field has become a place of exploitation. Only the rich can afford proper treatment.The poor patients here are the worst sufferers.

So why can't these doctors return to their native places and give their service to the poor?

We need you here in India.


  1. There is a bit of spin in the story. In Australia, you have two sets of GP clinics. One is bulk billed where the clinic charges you what the medicare charges ( In other words, the patient doesn't have to pay extra).And the other is where the patient has to pay whatever the top up the clinic asks for that is above the medicare charge.
    To say that the clinic is providing a low cost care is misleading, because it is a bulkbilled medical practice and they are charging the medicare rates. The service is not free or lower than the medicare charge.

  2. Sara,Thanks for the expose.

    It was their claim."even the locals respect us for the thing how we are running the hospital on such a low fees".

    They might have found comfort in the cozy, hassle free life in Australia.

    I took this story to find an opportunity to make a come back call to all Malayali doctors abroad.

    I know one guy in UK,my relative. He is medical director. His wife a GP. Both their children MBBS. He does not like the crowded Indian hospitals. He may be cursing his study at Trivandrum Medical College.

  3. Bipin: I can't imagine working in an Indian hospital. The corruption, the bureaucracy, unhygienic working conditions, lack of support for professional development..the list is endless.

  4. Sarah, I will wait.