Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gold Smuggling

Custom Preventive caught 20 kilos of gold smuggled  by two women concealing in their body at Kochi airport .One woman was pregnant and employing either pregnant women or women with small kids as carriers for smuggling is the modus operandi adopted by smugglers. It is ascertained smuggling of huge quantities of gold on earlier occasions also and this is stated to be tip of an iceberg.

The revelations in the smuggling show the involvement of top officers of Customs, DRI and CBI.  Customs Deputy Commissioner whom the CBI booked says he got Fayaz, the alleged king pin, introduced by a senior officer. Additional Director Revenue Intelligence admits it saying he has introduced Fayaz at the behest of an SP of CBI.

The Deputy Commissioner Customs also said that he was being framed by a senior woman officer as a revenge suspecting him being the person behind she caught earlier.

Another Deputy Commissioner of Customs says he was transferred from Kozhikkode Airport  back in 2007 for not obliging the same  Fayaz but refusing to clear his baggage of 1405 kilograms under door-to-door delivery against rules. He filed a report  to the Customs Commissioner same day and he was shunted out in a week's time.

What is happening in Customs Department? Why this mud slinging? 

Answer is simple. The usual script is senior Customs officials after enjoying the fruits wash off their hands and go scot free. In extreme cases they make use of their  connections in higher echelons to get away. Always the junior staff are made scapegoats and the CBI more than oblige as they get cases to boast and boost numbers. 

First time sharks got in the net and allegations and counter allegations started coming out.  Now only thing  to be seen is how the civil service brethren will help them out.

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